Website Installer

Start your own web sites with a click

Launching your site is as easy as 1–2–3 with this swift, one–click Straightforward Site Installer. No setup is needed, no website design abilities are needed. Just pick out the kind of website that you want – business or personal, plus a site theme of your preference. Then push the Install button and your brand new web site will be taken online in the blink of an eye. Find the Website Installer within the 9 Cube Hosting Online Control Panel.

Free Templates

Over 100 free–of–charge WordPress and Joomla web page templates to pick from

You can easily download a brand new Wordpress or Joomla template with a single click from your Online Control Panel. You do not need to go to any third–party sites for top–quality web page themes. We have a wide selection for you readily integrated into your web hosting account. Just select the design layout of your liking and then push the Download button. All web design layouts are totally free for you.

Web App Installer

An instant installation of personal diaries, photo galleries, etc.

Thanks to the one–click Web App Installer tool included in your Online Control Panel, you can bring your own personal fully fledged website online within seconds. With a simple mouse click, your personal diary, bulletin board, photo gallery or web shop will be built and will be ready to use. Select your application, specify some details associated with the brand new web site and click the Install button. We’ll do the rest on your behalf! More than forty applications are available for you to select from.

File Manager

Drag & drop file uploads and even more

Due to the drag–and–drop file upload functionality integrated into your hosting Control Panel, you can forget about File Transfer Protocol software programs. Just drop the file in files list associated with your site and our Online Control Panel will upload it there. In case you upload an archive, you’ll be able to uncompress it with a single click. The right–click contextual menus in your File Manager will make you feel like you are working with your own computer. You can begin working on your website immediately after you log in.

Web Hosting Control Panel

Manage your websites with a mouse click

It’s now very easy to attain complete control over your sites with the modern Online Control Panel that we’ve built for you with user–friendliness in mind. Manage all the website files with smooth drag ’n’ drop actions, register, transfer and control numerous domain names from one single place, create mailboxes in a flash, manage email list campaigns with ease, create and access your databases with a click, monitor website statistics in real time, etcetera. Advanced features such as an .htaccess generator, a framework installer and a hotlink protection tool are available as well.

A Database Manager

A useful database management solution

In case you use other web hosting solutions, you have to make a database, afterwards a database user, and then define an access level. With our Database Manager, we’ve made the procedure way easier. All you need to do is set up a database and that’s it – the database’s name is also the username. As elementary as that.

And when you have to create a backup of a specific database, you can do that with a mouse click from your Online Control Panel.

Enhanced Service Stability and Security

A hosting platform based on security–upgraded Linux–powered hosting servers

Our servers are running a security–upgraded Linux distribution, which makes them very secure and durable. We’ve invested a lot of time and study into building a risk–free network that is able to cope with enormous hacker or even distributed denial–of–service attacks without disturbances to the hosting service and jeopardizing your own web site’s performance.

Remote MySQL Access

Remotely connect to your MySQL database

In case you have a MySQL database that you would like to share among several sites on separate servers with separate hosting suppliers, you will be able to take advantage of our user–friendly and quick Remote MySQL option. Load it and, you are able to give access to your MySQL database to several web sites that you trust. This is especially useful if you have a customer database that you wish to share between a number of Internet shops.

Email Manager

Your one–stop e–mail management software

The point & click Mail Account Manager will make it possible for you to create brand new e–mail box accounts, set custom autoresponder messages, forward electronic mails, fine–tune mail filters and also change the levels of anti–spam protection easily. What’s more, if you happen to be more experienced, you can also make use of the built–in anti–spoofing protection option.

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